The Crisis…Our Purpose

While the definition of marriage may continue to be challenged, the foundation on which God designed marriage will always remain firmly written in the Bible. People can choose to ignore or dismiss it, but they cannot erase what has stood the test of time.

Winning At Home created our STAY Married For Life Campaign as an opportunity for people who believe in God’s design for marriage to stay connected to each other and to use our voices to promote our values. We want people to know that when marriage is lived out as a lifetime relationship, it helps create stability in our homes and durability in our society.

After joining this campaign, couples will be encouraged and challenged through weekly emails and monthly articles which will help to strengthen their relationships through real-life, practical advice.

Let’s not stay silent any longer! Join the STAY Married For Life Campaign and let’s show the world that marriage can last for a lifetime.

Sign up today. Join the voice for strong marriage in this nation.