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We are a counseling center that not only believes in the wellness of a child, wellness of an individual, and wellness of marriage but we believe counseling is a huge benefit to the entire family. When one part of your body fails to work, it affects your whole being. The same concept applies to your family. When one person hurts, the whole family feels the pain to some degree.

Our Vision is that The Winning At Home Wellness Program exists to assist those who are struggling in their emotional, relational, and spiritual journeys. Our staff of licensed professionals counsel individuals, couples, and families, helping them to overcome barriers and develop toward wholeness. We also assist on site at corporations, which has proven to be effective in bringing about change in individual employees and in the larger organization.

Know More About:

Our counselors help clients face a variety of challenges. Collaborating with their clients, it is their desire to build self-awareness and gain a clearer understanding of the clients’ strengths and weaknesses.

Ultimately, clients develop skills to be more resilient and healthy with an increased capacity to manage life and win at home

Winning At Home developed the Child Therapy Room with help from the Holland/Zeeland Community Foundation as well as generous support from private donors. This space allows children to express themselves through art, play, and other forms of non-traditional therapy that are more conducive to working with children. Since that time, we have counseled over 1,000 hours with children.

We believe that children are a precious gift reflecting God’s creativity. In spite of their incredible value, they often encounter internal distress and/or problems in relationships unique to their developmental stage. Our counselors seek to communicate each child’s inherent worth, as well as overcome barriers that may prevent them from reaching their potential.

Ready to Focus will be providing neurofeedback services at our office. By adding neurofeedback services we will be able to provide this next generation of behavioral healthcare in the office with the expertise of the Ready To Focus team.

At Ready To Focus they are experts in neurofeedback treatment services for children and adults. Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback treatment that uses an EEG (electroencephalogram) to provide the participant feedback about his or her brain wave activity, with the goal of controlling brain wave activity and the central nervous system. Neurofeedback training teaches the brain how to approach and solve problems in a calm and focused manner. Since the brain is the control center for all learning and behavior, when the brain is regulated and operating effectively positive change follows! The Ready to Focus neurofeedback program addresses issues related to focus, attention span, anxiety, stress, and achieving peak cognitive performance. They offer both at-home programs as well as in-office programs.

To schedule a neurofeedback assessment at the Winning At Home office,
contact Ready To Focus at 1-800-850-0535.

Learn more at http://www.readytofocus.com/

It is designed to impact Pastors & Missionaries who are struggling through a variety of personal and/or ministry issues.

This program, based on biblical principles and Christian clinical interventions, not only addresses immediate concerns, but facilitates long term health and wholeness of the family unit with their individual and collective needs.

One Week Intensive – Who is it for?

WAH One Week Intensive is specifically tailored for any individual, couple, or family transitioning overseas or returning. It provides an opportunity to concentrate entirely on challenging issues without the distractions of home or work and offers a safe place to work through unresolved issues.

Components of the WAH One Week Intensive:

*Assessment & Treatment Plan *Relationship Issues *Boundaries

*Anger & Forgiveness Resolution *Crisis & Trauma

*Burnout/Compassion Fatigue *Future goal Setting & Strategic Planning

“Thank you for an amazing week. It was an absolutely beneficial and impacting time. I am dealing with changes in a healthy and positive manner.” ~former participant

“The One Week Intensive is worth all the time and resources to unravel the things that are keeping us from being our best. I look forward to integrating what I have learned into my life.” ~former participant.

For more information about the program, please contact us at wellness@winningathome.com or call (616)772-1733.

Winning At Home Family Wellness Center

Blessed are those whose attitudes are shaped by their hopes, not their hurts.